Our Mission and Vision

To construct a gymnasium that would meet the standards of professional badminton players to be enjoyed by all whom takes an interest in the sport of badminton from die hard badminton players to avid beginners.

To provide a family oriented, social friendly environment that will encourage young adults and families with children to explore the sport of badminton.

To create a safe, ideal and healthy community for badminton players.

This will be accomplished by:

Providing excellent badminton facilities available to all who want to join or play badminton.

Providing badminton programs for members to stay involved on a regular basis.

Introducing juniors to badminton in large numbers by providing lessons, camps, and clinics to the community.

Hosting and running badminton tournaments for both juniors and adults.

Developing a business that can support the employment for badminton professionals and developing programs that develop the coaching base for badminton in the surrounding area.

To offer our members and guests the ‘Ultimate Badminton Experience!’

It is our mission to offer our members and guests the ‘Very Best Badminton Experience!’
Our commitment is to provide our members with a world-class badminton facility for the enjoyment of badminton. Whether you are a novice or want to be a national level player, we strive to provide the highest standard facilities, superior coaching / training programs, and numerous amenities and services, all custom tailored to meet the demand of our members.
Throughout the badminton club, many people who have never played badminton before have developed a passion for the sport; many people who have played before but were never serious have developed a competitive spirit. All in all, Phoenix Badminton Center will promote the sport of badminton greatly within the community and hopes to continue doing so.

See you soon and I wish you and your family the best!


Shibu Bhavanam (CEO)
Phoenix Badminton Center(PHXBC)