Training Programs


To ensure that all students receive high quality instruction class sizes will be limited. Students registered for either Friday or Sunday sessions (1 day per week) are asked not to switch classes without contacting PHXBC with at least 24 hours notice. Make-up classes can be scheduled within the same week with advance notice otherwise the fees for that day will be forfeited.

Training Program
Focus on each student’s ability to improve her/his game, including front, middle and back court skills. Smash/drop/drive technical, singles and doubles strategies, badminton physical fitness, etc. Each student will receive individual attention and instruction in the areas that they need. Students will be placed in different groups based on their skill set. Each group will receive specific training for their level so that they can improve exponentially. For example, the advanced level will focus on offense, defense and attack strategies as well as improving each student’s skills, etc. The intermediate level will teach front, middle, and back court skills; back hand improvement, smash/drop/drive techniques, and court movement, etc. The beginner level will emphasize basic footwork and proper racket grip as well as stroke, serve, and net drop, etc.

Please fill out the registration form on the next page, and email to
Since the size of the class is limited, you should register early to ensure you get a spot in the training class.

Accepted methods of payment
Check or credit cards (if paying by check please make payable to: PHOENIX BADMINTON CENTER)

Cancellation Policy
It is very important to attend all classes to improve your game. There is no refund for missed classes. PHXBC will allow you to schedule a makeup class only if it is within the same 8 week training period and provided that there is advance notice given. If for any reason the Training Program cannot complete all the scheduled classes due to unforeseen circumstances, the credit for the un-used portion will be carried forward to the next training session.

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